Charlie Bucket (pinstripermike) wrote in cp_pish,
Charlie Bucket

since no one ever updats here..

when is everyone coming home for the summer and what are your summer work plans or just any plans. Any ideas as what we should plan as a group to do?

Well, emily and I are going to Bonnaroo from June 14th to the 18th or so. I'm gonna hopefully get the job at a publishing company in Clifton Park and work ar Dominos on some nights.

I think we should arrange a camping trip in the Adirondaks. We should take a weekend off and just go up north, I've been looking at the maps and North Creek is not too far but still far enough. Let me know what you guys think

see yas

Oh, almost forgot, I'll be home at the latest May 12th, possibly at night on the 11th.
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